Ultimate Cookbook Merch Pack

Ultimate Cookbook Merch Pack

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This bundle is all you need to stock and sell The Great Australian Prawn Cookbook and is only available to independent seafood retailers in Australia.

Each bundle includes 10 copies of The Great Australian Prawn Cookbook along with an a-frame wooden display stand to show a hero copy of the book along with a double sided chalkboard to show the offer/price

RRP for each book is $9.95 each, cost to you is $4 but you can sell for your own price/offer.

The recipes have been captured by one of Donna Hay's most trusted and talented photographers. With 50 recipes chosen from 72 that we've developed, refined and photographed over 5 years, this book is the culmination of all that effort and we expect it to be a powerful and inspirational marketing tool for retailers.

The Ultimate Cookbook Merch Pack includes;

Pack of 10 Great Australian Prawn Cookbooks

1 x Wooden Cookbook Display stand
1 x Mini chalkboard so you can set your price or offer