Prawn Bucket Cones - Trawler Design

Prawn Bucket Cones - Trawler Design

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These food-safe disposable prawn bucket cones comfortably hold half a kilo of Australian Prawns.

Stands are sold separately.

The design enables you to prep beforehand without the cones taking on moisture or losing their shape. We've trialled these in reasonably high volume surf clubs and seaside restaurants - and when one comes out onto a table, it sells two more.

Paired up with the stands (available in grey, black or white), it's a new way of serving and selling a bucket of prawns. 

There are two designs - trawler and newspaper. This is the trawler design.

Sold as single pieces, simply change the quantity box to the amount you want.

If you want to order stands and cones together, try our starter packs.